This project would not have been as nice as it is, if it was not for the following excellent open-source libraries, great tools and some nice people. A big thank you to all!


SwingLabs SwingX SwingX contains extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, including new and enhanced components that provide functionality commonly required by rich client applications.
It was used for the gradients, coloring in the central table and the error dialogs.
Glazedlists Glazelists makes working with tables and lists a breeze. It was used for the filtering and the color filter dialogs.
JGoodies Looks JGoodies Looks was used to have a better Look And Feel on windows. For other platforms the native Look And Feel will be used.
XStream XStream was used for serialization of options in the application. It makes reading and writing XML files as easy as it could be.
JLabs Filters The filters where used in combination with SwingX for the drop-shadow and the blurring during the loading of a file.
TimingFramework Used for animating the arrow on the welcome screen upon drag.
Log4j Log4J is used for Vigilog's own logging.
Tango Project The Tango Project provided the icons that are used in the application.
JIDE OSS JIDE Common Layer is great Swing component library. It was used to create the options dialog.


Maven Maven is a great tool to build your application (and this website) easily.
YourKit Java Profiler YourKit is a great profiler that helped me track memory and speed
problems in the application. The generous people offered me a free license for this project!
Visual Thesaurus This helped me in finding a cool name for my application. (Vigil = the act of keeping awake at times when sleep is customary)


Romain Guy Romain helped me with the gradients and the progress bar.
Matt Nathan Matt provided the right direction for the moving arrow upon drag.
Bernhard Huber Provided the German translation.
Florent Morel Provided the French translation.
Andrey Morais Brüggemann Provided the Portuguese Brazilian translation.