Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.3.1 Bugfixing
1.3 2008-01-04 Plain log files support
1.2.1 2006-12-29 Bugfix and memory optimization release
1.2 2006-12-16
1.1.1 2006-12-14 Logger tree release
1.0.1 2006-12-05 Initial Release
1.0 2006-11-29 Initial Release

Release 1.3.1 - null

Type Changes By
add Integrate with IntelliJ IDEA JumpToCodePlugin. Fixes 1925540. Thanks to Maarten Bosteels. festerwim
add Add alternative view with thread names in columns. Fixes 2006459. Thanks to Tom Deblauwe. festerwim
fix NPE with plain text log4j file. Fixes 1865212. Thanks to Rob Moore. festerwim
update Milliseconds should use leading zeros. Fixes 1896046. Thanks to Tom Deblauwe. festerwim
fix Java Log File Parsing Quirks. Fixes 2005483. festerwim
fix Change default log setting to WARN. Fixes 2015954. Thanks to Daniel Lipp. festerwim
fix Provide more memory per default. Fixes 2015964. Thanks to Daniel Lipp. festerwim
fix Logger name is truncated when it contains an underscore Fixes 2008619. Thanks to Anonymous. festerwim

Release 1.3 - 2008-01-04

Type Changes By
update Keep the selection when refreshing a log file. festerwim
update Select the nearest row when hiding a logger. festerwim
add Add option to choose language. Fixes 1699075. festerwim
add Add ability to have a filter button in stead of filtering on-the-fly. Fixes 1617876. festerwim
add Add refresh interval. Fixes 1617874. festerwim
add Add support for non-XML Log4j log files. Fixes 1693681. festerwim
add Added German translation. Thanks to Bernhard Huber. festerwim
add Added French translation. Thanks to Florent Morel. festerwim
add Added Portuguese Brazilian translation. Thanks to Andrey Morais Brüggemann. festerwim
add Add webstart version to website. Fixes 1693685. festerwim
add Add right-click option to select current thread only. Fixes 1715520. festerwim
add Add right-click option to create a color filter from a row in the log table. festerwim
add Add about window with version. Fixes 1701578. festerwim
update Additional checks when adding/editing a color filter. festerwim
fix Log file name is not shown. Fixes 1644524. festerwim
fix TRACE level is not supported. Fixes 1690394. Thanks to Geert Pante. festerwim
fix Small log files not parsed correctly. Fixes 1690410. festerwim
fix Refreshing log file removes the message and thread filter. Fixes 1715593. festerwim
add Replaced the color filter gui. festerwim
fix Avoid OutOfMemory exception when refreshing log files a lot. festerwim

Release 1.2.1 - 2006-12-29

Type Changes By
fix Refresh of a log file deleted first column. Fixes 1617832. Thanks to Sebastien Cesbron. festerwim
fix Filtering of message should not filter on each word seperately. Fixes 1618764. Thanks to Sebastien Cesbron. festerwim
fix logger.dtd is not found when using java logging. Fixes 1619967. Thanks to Theron Latie. festerwim
update Optimized memory usage by loading log file via a stream. festerwim

Release 1.2 - 2006-12-16

Type Changes By
fix Column visibility state was not correctly restored festerwim
fix Problem with latin chars. Fixes 1616392. Thanks to Sebastien Cesbron. festerwim

Release 1.1.1 - 2006-12-14

Type Changes By
add Added logger tree and the ability to hide loggers from the tree and from the table (through popup menu's) festerwim
add Columns visibility state is remembered festerwim
add Added ability to merge different log files into 1 view festerwim
add Allow color filtering based on the name of the log file (useful for merged log files) festerwim
add Allow copying only a part of the message festerwim

Release 1.0.1 - 2006-12-05

Type Changes By
fix Fixed bug with incorrect sorting of log entries festerwim

Release 1.0 - 2006-11-29

Type Changes By
add Initial Release festerwim